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DG's Office and Achademic building of TSC

Outstanding Facilities

The lovely campus with all kinds of training facilities

Luscious Campus

We are like family to our participants


Learning and career development is one of the key drivers of engagement. BTCL wants to develop its officers with their fullest potential and provide them with a fulfilling career with higher levels of confidence, empowerment and trust. TSC imparts training in modern Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, and Management to BTCL class I officers as well as external candidates. This institute is equipped with state-of-the-art telecom technology laboratories, like- Battery Bank Lab, Computer Lab, OFC Lab, PDH (34Mbps/ 140Mbps), SDH (STM-1 rings), SPC Switch Lab (Shanghai Bell), External Plant lab, Broadband lab ( Mid-end Router, Switch, DSLAM), Router Lab, Networking Lab.

Telecom Staff College

Training calendar of TSC in a year typically comprises of the following refresher courses. These refresher courses are mainly targeted for the entry and mid level officers of BTCL along with a few short courses are arranged for top level officers of BTCL. Site visit, laboratory tests & case study are also included in the refresher courses to make the training an effective one. TSC invites experienced, technically sound officers of BTCL as guest speakers for conducting the refresher courses. However, retired top level officers of BTCL, noted civil servants and bureaucrats are also invited to conduct classes on various topics. Trainees are given the opportunity to evaluate TSC authority and the resource persons on the basis of usefulness of the course, provision of practical demonstration, knowledge of the subject, ability to present ideas clearly, ability to involve activity with the audience, ability to handle the questions and ability to manage the time.